Eastern Shore Martial Arts is here to acknowledge, support, and promote Martial Arts and the and the benefits of training, and to supply the martial arts enthusiast with supplies and information on what programs are offered, where and when, and how to get involved.

Eastern Shore Martial Arts is directly involved with several Martial Arts styles here in Virginia, Delaware and New Jersey and we have close ties to many excellent Martial Arts styles and fantastic Martial Arts expert instructors across the country and around the world. We will help you locate an expert instructor in a martial art style that can help you reach goals.  

The members of Eastern Shore Martial Arts are always on the lookout for new martial arts styles, instructors and schools who would like to be affiliated with our association, or featured on this website and advertised to our members, affiliates and visitors. If you are already involved with martial arts and have a style, class, or instructor you would like to promote or see featured on www.easternshoremartialarts.com contact us at easternshoremartialarts@gmail.com and tell us your story. Let us know what information you find most useful and how we can serve you better.