ljpkf-kanjigoshin-kanjiThe Virginia Budokan is devoted to the traditional martial arts of the Japanese Samurai. The primary martial art of the samurai is Kenjutsu, (literally “sword technique”) and the most prized weapon of the Samurai was the Katana, a slightly curved razor-sharp sword with a blade usually about 30 inches in length.The Samurai would usually have a second shorter sword called a wakizashi with a blade less than 24 inches in length as well. Samurai were famous for their skill with the katana and equally adept at using the long and short swords together in combat.

Traditional Japanese Kenjutsu has numerous techniques where a single katana is wielded with 2 hands, as well as techniques that employ both swords simultaneously. Virginia Budokan San Sai Ryu Kenjutsu techniques can be trained solo, similar to traditional karate kata, but most training is by way of complex 2-man techniques with an attacker (Shitachi) and defender (Uketachi) going back and forth across the floor reversing roles as we change direction.

The Virginia Budokan follows the San Sai Ryu curriculum of Hanshi Phil Scudieri of the Delaware Budokan. (www.delawarebudokan.net) San Sai Ryu kenjutsu dates back to the Tenshin Ryu and Itto Ryu schools of medieval Japan over 500 years ago. The Delaware Budokan has been appointed the “Hombu dojo” (literally “headquarters”) in the US for the preservation of Japanese koryu (literally “old style”) martial arts by the Zen Nihon Sogo Budo Renmi (All Japan Martial Arts Federation).