ljpkf-kanjigoshin-kanji Aiki Jutsu is the empty hand art of the samurai. When a samurai defends him/herself without drawing a sword this is called Aiki Jutsu. The same techniques and movements of Aiki Jutsu are executed in the same way that they would be if the samurai had his sword drawn.

The term “Aiki” means flowing; “Jutsu” means “technique”.  All the techniques of Aiki Jutsu are swift, and sudden, with no “extra” movement. The techniques are performed in a manner that is flowing and deceptive. The resulting effect of Aiki Jutsu when demonstrated by an expert is like a lightning storm both beautiful and terrifying in the very same split second.

The Aiki Jutsu of Virginia Budokan is “San Sai Ryu”, which is the 3 element style. Hanshi Phil Scudieri of the Delaware Budokan is recognized in Japan as the highest ranked master in the Western Hemisphere. We are fortunate indeed to have his guidance.